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The National Junior Honor Society Members at C.W. Lewis hosted a Students vs.Teachers Basketball Game to benefit Libby Ryan on February 28, 2008.

It was a close game, but the Lewis Staff came out on top! To the players and fans: A Big Thanks to everyone who attended to show their support for Libby and her family.

Beef & Beer 

The Beef & Beer was a great success! We are grateful to my Advanced Pain Consultants Family for the conception and planning of this event. They are extraordinary people! The food was great and the Chinese Auction was a blast!  If you made it to the event we want to say many many thanks for your support!  Our hats are off to Aunt Robin for such a great job!


A trust fund was setup for Libby

If you want to make a donation you can mail a check to

Elizabeth Ryan
P.O. Box 1411
Blackwood, NJ 08012


  Time is Flying By!

When we look back in time to the things we did it brings back memories.  Some memories should last forever!


This page tells you about things we did or things we can do in the future!

2008 Walk


Libby Ryan is one of my students who was
diagnosed last year with leukemia. Libby is
someone very special to me. She has
amazing strength and a positive outlook
that is helping her win this fight.

Thank you to all who donated last year to
this great cause. Do not feel obligated to
donate, but I'm asking you to help by
making a small contribution. We can all do
our part by supporting the Leukemia &
 Lymphoma Sociey in helping find a cure
to childhood cancer. I thank you in advance
for your support, and appreciate your

Thank you. Cathy Czbas

Lite The Nite 2009 Pictures

From Dawn D

2007 Walk

Just Wanted to Say Thanks For Everyone That Helped Support Our Light The Night Walk.  Enjoy Some Of The Pictures That Were Taken That Night

Welcome Pictures

The Park Pictures

The Walk Pictures


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