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Hi, I'm Dave Ryan, Libby's Dad,

    On August 28, 2007, it was confirmed that Libby was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic  Leukemia (ALL).  I'm not a doctor so I'll do my best to explain what that is and what we need to do.  Leukemia is a cancer of the blood. Blood is made up of three types of cells. Leukemia is the abnormal growth of cells that crowd out the other good cells.

    Treatment is effective. Studies have been done over the years to improve cure rates.  A relapse is possible and the outcome could be worse case scenario. The relative survival rate has more than tripled in the past 47 years for patients with leukemia. For more information on survival click here.  The cause of (ALL) is not known.  It was not caused by anything she or her parents did.  It was not caused by anything in the environment. It just happens. Libby has some blasts in her spinal fluid, so treatment will start probably on August 29th.

    Induction is the first part of treatment.  It is about a month long.  The goal is to get the Leukemia in remission.  The overall length of treatment is 2Ĺ years. The first six to ten months therapy is more intense.  The First month is an inpatient routine and the rest of the treatment is out patient.  Chemotherapy is medicine that attacks cells that grow rapidly.  There are side effects like hair loss and a weakened immune system.  A fever can be very serious because she is at risk for infection.

    My neighbor, friend and sometimes Libby's other parent Craig will be creating and updating this website so I can keep you informed of what is going on with Libby.  I know everyone wants to help, and I know everyone will be praying for her too. 

    We ask that you be patient with us and give us time to get settled with this undertaking.  Right now Libby can see limited visitors please see the visiting calendar schedule button to see when you can visit her.

Added on August 30th,

    I know everyone wants to call to get updates and find out what is going on and I have to stress that this website will be our best way of spreading the news. Phone calls only reach a few people and we just canít reach everyone in that manner, including family, which we have a lot of.

    I want to back up a little to let everyone know what happened to Libby. I put my notes into a Journal that you can read starting with Sundays Events. Click the Journal Button below. The oldest information will be at the bottom so read the notes starting from the bottom.

Read Libby's Journal

Thank You So Very Much For All Your Blessings And Support!

Dave & Stacey Ryan


Hi, It's Libby,

    I want to thank everyone for your wishes and support.  My spirits are very high and I'm my usual happy self.  Oh by the way I'm going to have my hair cut off so they can make me a wig of my own hair.  Have a good look at my hair its going away soon!

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Love Libby

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