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We can't thank you enough for the encouragement, support, prayers and thoughts that everyone is giving her.  I know we can beat this!

Dave, Stacy, Jake, Jaime, Larry and our family,  We love you Libby


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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 14:08 IP Logged IP Logged
Hello everyone, for anyone who is still checking this guestbook I thank you and apologize yet again for not posting for so long.Libby has finally finished up with all the most intensive chemotherapy phases,now we are waiting for her counts to get up to where they need to be to start maintenance.Hopefully that will happen by next week,and we're also hoping that she will be able to go to school on at least a semi-regular basis when that happens.She will be having another spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration as the first step of maintenance,and those will be repeated every 3 months for the foreseeable future,just to make sure no MRD shows up! We are certainly very hopeful and thankful at this point,and will try to let everyone know of any changes,but so far it looks like we're about to clear the top of the mountain, and head down the other side.Thank you, everyone, for all your concern and prayers, please keep those prayers coming, as they seem to be working! We love you all.
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Friday, April 25, 2008 at 09:08 IP Logged IP Logged
Just giving another quick update. Libby’s fever broke and she was allowed to come home. Her amenities are low so visiting is limited for a little wile. Please always check before coming. We also got some great news while she was in the hospital. They did another test to see how her treatments are working and the test came back negative for minimum residual disease.
That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.
Love Dave & Stacey
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Monday, April 21, 2008 at 08:36 IP Logged IP Logged
Hi everyone,
We just wanted to give you a quick update on Libby’s progress. She had to go back in the hospital because of a fever. It is not expected to be a long stay. All of her other procedures are going as planed. Thanks for all the love and prayers.
Love Dave & Stacey
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 11:53 IP Logged IP Logged
Hi, all, I know its been a while, but I think you are all used to our procrastination by now. I figure I'll post when there is something new to say, otherwise I'm a firm believer in "no news is good news". Libby finished up the Interim 1 phase of chemo last weekend in the hospital, and we were at the outpatient clinic yesterday. Next Wednesday will begin the new phase, Delayed Intensification 1, which will last about 8 weeks. As the name implies, this phase looks to be a little more intense, and Lib will have to undergo some cranial radiation at some point during this one. Her counts are expected to stay pretty high until the very end of this phase, however, and then drop way down at the end. She will have another spinal tap next Wed., and periodically through this phase, so hopefully no recurrence of minimal residual disease will show up, which would open a whole new can of worms. Thank you all for still checking in and posting messages on occasion, even we don't post for a while, we do check every few days, and you never fail to lift our spirits. Thanks for keeping on praying for us, we love you all so much, and cannot express our gratitude for all of our "blessings" as each and every one of you are.
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Monday, January 07, 2008 at 16:11 IP Logged IP Logged
Hello, all, we just returned home from the hospital, Lib was admitted on Friday, no emergencies, just continuation of treatment, but we had the BEST news on Friday, the results from the last bone marrow came back Negative for minimum residual disease!! I cannot even express how thankful we all are, for the wonderful news, and also for all of you. I have no doubt that all the prayers going out for Lib's health are being answered, and I hope you will continue to pray for her, as we do everyday for all of you. Mostly thank you prayers these days. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we will get to see some of you, now that we know theres no bone marrow transplant on the horizon, we're going to try and resume some semblance of "normal" life. We'll continue to update here periodically, please just know we love and appreciate you all, and everything you've done these last few months.
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Comments by Stacey Ryan on Thursday, December 20, 2007 at 19:16 IP Logged IP Logged
Hey everybody, just came home for a few hours today to try and get things done for Christmas. Sorry I haven't posted from the hospital but we are not able to get the website on their system this time. We are just waiting for that magic ANC number to come up, and hopefully they will be sending us home tomorrow or Friday. Lib's fever has been pretty much gone for the last 48 hours or so, therefore we can assume her infection is subsiding, believe me she is READY to go home. Anyway, just wanted to post a quick update and let you know we are thinking of all of you, wishing you happy holidays, whatever ones you celebrate, and being thankful for all the love in our lives!
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 18:16 IP Logged IP Logged
Hello, everyone, this is Dave, sorry we've not been in touch lately, but hopefully you realized that no news is good news. Well, Libby is being readmitted to CHOP tonight because of a fever and low ANC(immunities). We've been trying to keep some sort of normalcy(whatever that is)for the last few weeks, while Lib has been so tolerant of the procedures and in good spirits. We will be updating more often as we can to keep you informed. Hopefully, we will only have to stay at the hospital a few days, as Libby really wants to be home for Christmas. Thank you all for everything again, I know you will be praying for her.
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Monday, November 12, 2007 at 14:13 IP Logged IP Logged
Please forgive us for the delay in postings recently. Seems like every day since we got home from the last hospitalization has been a total rat race to get the house in order and get everything done that needs to be done. And we can't imagine how things would be without all the help we have from our wonderful, incredible families and friends. Anyway, we would at least like to make an effort to thank everyone involved with the "Beef & Beer" benefit for Libby this past Saturday. So many put so much hard work into it, Leesa Feeney, first and foremost for the conception and implementation of all of it, you bowl us over, all the people who work with Robin at Advanced Pain Consultants, all the merchants who donated items so generously for the Chinese Auction, and of course Tom, from the Somerdale VFW, who so generously donated the use of the awesome hall. We really need to send a special "shout out" to some organizations that have come through with so many generous donations,the Lewis school family,and the teachers who have made this whole situation easier to deal with because of all their support and cooperation, the GT Football League(Colleen Booher and Florence Huff, the Band associations at both Highland and Triton High schools, and a special thank you to Highland's band leaders, for realizing at the beginning that Libby was so seriously ill, and wasting no time getting her to the hospital up in Pennsylvania. We will never forget that night, and how attentive and concerned you all were! Of course all of our family members and friends, how can we ever express all the appreciation we feel, not only for your generous financial contributions, but even more so all the time, attention, and help with all the mundane, every day things that still have to be attended to. Craig, Kim, Dan, Jeannine, Robin, Jim, Kathleen, Jen, all of our parents, Dan & Kim, and too many to list all of you, I think you know who you are, I just hope you have some idea of what blessings you are to us, and how much we love you all!
We are going into the fourth week of the consolidation phase of treatment, so far things are going as they should be, four more weeks and time to check Libby's bone marrow again. Let's just keep praying for no more Minimum Residual Disease at the end of it. Time will tell, and I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it, she is her usual upbeat, positive self so much of the time, and we are so very thankful to all of you, who help keep her feeling that way. We love and thank you all so much for everything! We will try to be more prompt and consistent with our postings, just know that we feel you all carrying us through this every day, and can't even always find the right words to express our appreciation.
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Friday, October 19, 2007 at 14:05 IP Logged IP Logged
Hello everyone Its Dave,
Libby had her outpatient appointment today and the news was not everything that we had hoped for. There is still residual disease in her bone morrow, which means the cancer is still there. The doctors tell us that regardless of these results the stage 2 of her treatment will start now. These treatments will be outpatient procedures so she will not have to go back in the hospital. She will have to get shots and IV treatments at home and Chemo treatments at the clinic. In two months there will be another test to see what her progress is. If the residual disease continues the treatment will go to the next level, which very well could mean bone morrow transplant. We will cross that bridge at that time. We will keep all options open. Again I want to thank everyone for your continued support and prayers. God bless all of you. We will post again in a few days.
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Comments by Dave & Stacey Ryan on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 09:21 IP Logged IP Logged
Thank you everybody, the prayers must have all gone to the right place. Preliminary results of the bone marrow came back yesterday afternoon, and they sent us home about 5:00. More comprehensive testing results can take up to a week to come back, so we'll know more in a few days, but Libby is VERY relieved to be home.(Me too)It looks like we will be moving on the consolidation phase of chemo either way, and they will check her bone marrow again in two months. If there is no minimum residual disease left, we just go on from there, if there is some left we will have to consider some different therapies, but I have faith with all the love and prayers that are coming her way, she will be okay. Thank you all again, I'll post again as soon as I have any more news. Hopefully we will see a lot of you in person soon!
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